The Mo2L is a user-centred method and can be used to assess important facets of the user experience of e-learning applications. It is based on an academic research which aimed at developing a usability evaluation method as a quality evaluation method for e-learning courses and applications.
After a thorough examination of the literature relating to web usability and instructional design practices, this questionnaire-based usability evaluation method proposes Motivation to Learn as a new type of usability dimension for e-learning applications beyond effectiveness, efficiency and satisfaction. It provides a holistic view of e-learning user experience combining cognitive and affective (focus on intrinsic motivation to learn) structural elements.  At the same time it is an easy to deploy and cost-effective method for assessing e-learning experience.
A range of possible goals when applying the method are as follows:

  • Usability testing: the method can be used as post-test usability questionnaire instead of plain satisfaction questionnaires.
  • Benchmarking: Mo2L can be used with other competing e-learning applications by comparing the results, highlighting thus problematic areas in the design.
  • Research: the method can also be used for multidisciplinary academic research (usability and UX evaluation, e-learning design, technology-enhanced learning etc.) as a reliable and valid research instrument.