The usability questionnaire for e-learning applications

Studies show that usability is a crucial success factor in e-learning and facilitates learners to achieve learning objectives and gain knowledge effectively and efficiently. On the contrary a non-usable e-learning application leads to a frustrating and unpleasant experience for learners who may spend more time trying to navigate and learn how to operate the e-learning software than actual learning.
Mo2L(Motivation to Learn) is based on a usability evaluation method that:

  • Measures the user experience of an e-learning application based on users’ perceptions.
  • Analyses qualitative comments and reactions to an e-learning application.
  • Generates objective data and provides easy-to-read reports.

This method can be used for a variety of e-learning applications (e-learning courses, e-learning simulations, interactive online tutorials, etc.) along many business sectors. It has already been used with success in higher education, R&D projects and e-learning in banking sector.